SMC Precast Buildings

Sloped Roof Concrete Building
Sloped roof style 

Pitched Roof Concrete Building
Gabled roof style 

Outback Concrete Building
Outback roof style 

Easi-Span Roof
Easi-Span roof style 

Roof Style Options

e offer a variety of roofing options. Easi-Set buildings come with two roof style choices. The gabled roof (pitched) and the sloped roof (flat).

Easi-Set restrooms have a third choice of the Outback roof style, which is a gabled roof with split levels. The Outback roof style comes with a cedar shake finish that resembles a shingled roof. The cedar shake finish complements the standard barnboard finish, which also covers the edges of the roof slabs.

Easi-Span buildings only come with the Easi-Span style roof, which consists of a shortened gabled roof in a range of standard widths, in 10' increments.

Architectural Ribbed EdgeSloped, gabled and Easi-Span style roofs may have an additional option of an integral architectural ribbed edge. You can use any of our standard finishes on the gabled and Outback roofs. Our roofs can be stained in a variety of colors.

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